Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Techstore has a wide range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons that are compatible with the leading brands of thermal label printers. We can offer thermal ribbons for multiple sizes of printers and labels in different grades such as Wax, Wax Resin, and Resin, depending on the label material and application.

Wash Care

Best for garments and textile label printing

Near Edge Ribbon

Designed to release the ink much quicker, which is required for faster print speeds.

WAX Ribbons

They are perfect for printing on matte and coated paper


Guarantees high resistance to abrasion and dirt, as well as flexibility in use with different raw materials.


Ensuring the highest level of resistance to abrasion, temperature, and various chemicals, e.g.: gasoline, mineral spirits, motor oil, bleach, isopropyl alcohol, dealers, or sulfuric acid.