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TS Economical Wired 1D Barcode Terminal (TDT – 2A)

  • With enhanced barcode collection and inventory functions
  • Capable for batch scan and bulk transmission
  • Can save up to 10,000 records in each library

Welcome to use PDT-2A, which is a new generation of wired barcode scanning product, which combines the function of wired barcode scanner and all kinds of common wired barcode data terminal, user can use this product without any programming. The keyboard and screen enables the PDT-2A achieve the functions that other wired barcode scanners gun can‟t do. When barcodes damaged, you can input via the keyboard; also, it displays the current the number of barcodes, battery level, etc. Besides that, it transfers data via USB port, can be used in WINDOWS without any driver.

PDT-2A wired barcode terminals use the laser barcode scanning engine, which increase the scanning speed and enlarge the scan depth, to meet the needs of most industries. PDT-2A wired barcode terminals have simple barcode data collecting and inventory functions. They support offline batch scan mode, can scan and save maximum 50,000 barcode data at once time. After collection, users can transmit barcode data via USB port to a computer. For the purpose of simple barcode capture applications, it is an alternative to the original expensive and complicated inventory machines, thus reduce user‟s cost.

Technical Specification

1) 32-bit high-speed ARM series CPU
PDT-2E-E2 / 22
2) FLASH memory 4MB, can save about 50,000 barcodes..
3) With enhanced barcode collect and inventory functions, support a single library or multiple libraries, libraries are independent and could be with its own customized name as required.
4) Power supply: two 5 AA batteries (1600-2400mah of NiMH rechargeable battery is suggested), support USB port charging.
5) Display: 2.2 “TFT screen, resolution 220 x 176.
6) Size: 140 x 60 x 33 mm, about 160 grams
7) 22 keys high quality silicone keyboard 9) Standby time: more than 6 months
8) Continuous working hours: 50-100hrs, scan 10,000 times at least
9) Power off protection, switch on and off whenever needed, featuring automatic power off function.
10) Barcode scanning mode: 650ns laser

▪ Scan Depth: 3-30cm (with 13mil EAN13 barcode)

▪ Scan the barcode width: 20cm or less

        Barcode types: EAN13, EAN8, 39 code, 93 code, 128            code, interleave 25 codes (IT25), Code bar, UPCA, UPCE etc.

11) The USB communication adopts MCU integrated with USB protocol chip, and the data transmission has high reliability.

12) The 2A-E support USB port, USB emulation serial port, or USB keyboard, with which the drive is not needed.

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