Principle Of Thermal

Principle Of Thermal Receipt Printer

Thermal receipt printers are actually one of the receipt printers. Small receipt printers are also called receipt printers. There are currently two types, thermal and stylus type. We often use them when printing receipts in supermarkets or catering stores. This is mini printer. The working principle of thermal receipt printer

The principle of a thermal printer is to cover a light-colored material (usually paper) with a transparent film, and heat the film for a period of time to turn it into a dark color (usually black, but also blue). The image is generated by heating, causing a chemical reaction in the film. This chemical reaction is carried out at a certain temperature. High temperature will accelerate this chemical reaction. When the temperature is lower than 60°C, the film takes a long time, even several years, to become dark; and when the temperature is 200°C, this reflection will be completed in a few microseconds. The thermal printer selectively heats the thermal paper at a certain position, thereby producing corresponding graphics.


The advantages and disadvantages of thermal receipt printers

Thermal micro printers are relatively common micro printers, but they came out later than stylus micro printers. Thermal printers have high printing speed, low noise, little mechanical loss of the printhead, and no need for ribbons, eliminating the trouble of replacing ribbons. But th disadvantage is thermal paper cannot be stored indefinitely. thermal paper can be stored for 1-5 years in dark conditions. But here are  long-lasting thermal papers that can be stored for ten years.

Common specifications and models

Receipt printers can also be distinguished by width. Commonly used printing widths are 58mm, 76mm and 80mm. Among them, 58mm and 80mm are thermal printers. Distinguish from the cutter, generally 58mm and 76mm printers do not have a cutter, 80mm receipt printers generally have a cutter in order to cut neatly, so the price is more expensive. Common brands includes Winpal and Epson,Common models includes Winpal WP80L,WP200 seris, WP260K seris, WP230F seris, WP300C seris, WP300 W seris, etc. Among them, Winpal 300-seris is an 80mm ultra-high-speed thermal receipt printer application. The sales volume is relatively wide, and the sales volume is relatively better than other models.