Tips On How To

Tips On How To Choose The Right Thermal Printer For Your Business

Nowadays, thermal printers are being used more and more widely, and also have more and more function. So which thermal printer is right for you?

There are many different types and functions of printers on the market for your choice, some for printing receipts, some for printing label, and some for mobile use. According to the different requirements, we will show three types of thermal printers in this article.

>Receipt printer. Among others, our WP200 model is especially recommended when you need to use it in catering industry. And we have four printing speeds in this type for choice, 200mm/s, 230mm/s, 260mm/s and 300mm/s. Moreover, It also supports the function of queuing and avoiding order missing out.

>Label printer. The WP-300B is the workhorse of printers because of the double motor design. The maximum printing speed is 152mm/s. It has multiple sensors, black mark, positioning distance and gap sensor. In addition, it also supports external paper holder and label box, so that is very popular in supermarket and logistics.

>The two previously introduced are desktop printers, the below one is a mobile printer WP-Q3A. This is a receipt & label printer, with saving power function. And it supports NV logo printing and multiple 1D&2D code printing. So it is widely used in banking, hospitals, sports lottery and other fields.

In Winpal we work every day to be able to innovate and offer the best product in printers that perfectly meet the requirements of our clients. If you need to know more about everything we can offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.